Pet Dental

We provide complete and thorough dental cleaning and prophylaxis for companion animals. Routine dental cleaning and prophylaxis is necessary to keep your pet healthy. Dietary recommendations are provided for maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Usually the hallmark of periodontal disease is STShalitosisCCH and bad breath is noticed in pets that may require pre-treatment with antibiotics prior to a dental cleaning. Short anesthetic dentals are better suited for healthy companion animals.

Feline Dentistry

The key to feline health is maintaining good oral and dental health. Felines are susceptible to all of the same dental problems as any other companion animal apart from other feline specific dental diseases such as feline stomatitis and feline tooth resorption. In addition to home dental care with specific cat dental friendly diets and treats it is important for cats to have regular general dental cleanings along with oral exams to assure that their mouth and teeth remain healthy.

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